The 5 most dangerous foods

I just received this list of the 5 Most Dangerous Foods to Feed Your Child, from Dr Joel Fuhrman. You can find more great articles at his website:

1. Butter and Cheese – full of saturated fat and fat delivered chemical pollutants

2. Potato Chips and French Fries – rich in trans fat, salt, and carcinogenic acrylamides

3. Doughnuts and other trans fat – containing sweets – rich in trans fat, sugar, and other artificial substances

4. Sausages, hot dogs, and other luncheon meats – containg N-nitroso compounds that are potent carcinogens

5. Pickled, smoked, or barbequed meats – places you at risk of both stomach cancer and high blood pressure

You’ll find loads of healthy and tasty recipes on this blog and on my website. Happy healthy eating!


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  1. Posted by Kim Redmond-Fewtrell on December 16, 2010 at 12:20 am

    have eaten their food three times now. Eaten in at first, had takeaway dropped off by a friend once and took takeaway to that same friend to return the favour. Each time we have enjoyed the beautifully filling, nutritious and delicious food that they serve.
    I hope to go once a week and have really enjoyed eating there and taking away. It has a peaceful ambiance, sparklingly clean food prep area and congenial, cheerful and joyous staff.

    My wholehearted recommendations go to this small crew who aren’t afraid to sell food for your soul as well as your body. They achieve the perfect match. Delicious/Nutritious

    If only I could work out why their sweet potatoes taste so fine!


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