2 great resources

Set aside some time to watch this fantastic presentation by Dr Joel Fuhrman. You’ll learn fascinating information on true hunger vs toxic hunger; why legumes and nuts are so darn good; why high-nutrient eating facilitates effortless weight loss; and much more.

And thanks to Narelle for this website which has loads of vegan recipes. Not all are healthy but many, with a little recipe surgery, could be incorporated into a high-nutrient vegan eating style.



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  1. Posted by Kate on July 21, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    I thought coconut was a good source of fats especially for plant based eaters as we have no cholesterol in our diet. I know they are high in fat but I was under the impression that they were like avocado and nuts.
    I only use pure coconut cream made from the meat of the coconut (no stabilisers, additives) , and virgin coconut oils- on a fairly regular basis…am I misinformed?
    I also drink a fresh coconut whenever I can…it started when I was pregnant I craved them like crazy and found later that they are virtually identical to human blood plasma…


    • Kate, this is a great question. There’s so much misinformation, deception and downright lies out there about coconut oil, it’s worthy of a post all of its own. Stay tuned for that one!


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