Apple sandwiches

That got your attention, didn’t it? How do you make an apple sandwich? This is another of those necessity-is-the mother-of-invention stories. My daughter Imogen really really really wanted (and no one really really really wants like a 5 year old) a peanut butter and jam sandwich, but we had no bread. And we had no corn thins. Basically, it was a Mother Hubbard scenario. What we did have was a huge bowl of apples. Enter… the peanut butter and jam sandwich on apple slices. (Note for puritans: I make my own no-additive PB in my trusty Thermomix, and we use St Dalfour jam which has no added sugar. For nut-allergic kids, try tahini. And of course, almond butter or ABC spread would work just as well.)

So all you do is cut an apple into 1/2 cm thick slices, smear some PB & J on 1 slice then stick the other one on top. Imogen went through 2 whole apples before lunch, then told Mitch about it on the way home from soccer camp. He proceeded to munch his way through 2 apples’ worth of sandwiches, then they split another one. I think I’d better start growing my own apples.


Visit my website for more info and great recipes.


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