Hearty winter soup

OK, late post, this one. I hope none of you were waiting to get my soup recipe so you could make it for dinner tonight!

I am not one for measuring quantities, so I’ll do my best to estimate what I threw into this soup. I started in the morning – in between attempts to motivate my children to get ready for school – by putting roughly half a cup of channa dhal (yellow split peas) and same of dry pinto beans (any other beans would work) into my biggest soup pan, covering well with water and bringing to the boil. I turned the heat off after a minute and just left them there till the afternoon. I wouldn’t do this in summer but in winter my kitchen is like Antarctica so I knew there was no danger of my beans fermenting!

Around 4 pm I finally had time to come back to my soup. I rinsed the beans in a colander, added about a cup of water and brought them to the boil while I was making the broth for the soup. This I made by pulverising 2 peeled beetroots and 2 carrots in my Thermomix, with enough water to reach the 2 L mark (you could do this in a food processor or regular blender but it might take a while!). Then I tipped that into the soup, and brought it to the boil while chopping the other vegies and adding them in the order listed:

1 brown onion

2 cloves garlic

2 carrots

the stalks of 4 heads of broccoli – I hate wasting even a morsel of my organic broccoli!

2 zucchinis

about a cup of mushrooms

kernels off 1 cob of corn

I let it simmer on the lowest possible heat for about an hour, then added:

1 bunch of kale, central ribs removed

I  leave the kale whole, just floating on top of the soup. When the kale was tender I fished it out with tongs and blitzed it in my Thermomix with some of the broth from the soup, and a handful of sunflower seeds (cashews also work well, and give a beautiful creamy texture). I add nuts and/or seeds because their natural fats enhance the absorption of phytochemicals from the vegetables.

Then the kale mix went back into the soup, and I simmered it for a few more minutes before serving. It’s a meal in a bowl, and what’s even better, it makes enough for 2 dinners – no mean feat in my hungry household.

For dessert we had – by popular demand – the Guiltless Chocolate Pudding recipe on my website.

Once again, this recipe makes enough for 2 nights for the 4 of us.

This recipe is infinitely variable depending on what legumes you have in your pantry, and what vegies are in your fridge. And yes, you can cheat and use canned beans!

I took a photo to post here but the batteries in my camera have died, and it’s WAY too late to go out and buy more! So you’ll have to wait until my July newsletter when I’ll be featuring this recipe, hopefully with slightly more defined quantities, and a very nice pic.

Happy souping everyone 🙂

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Liz on August 1, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Is kale the same as tuscan cabbage?


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